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A point of view of an amateur artist ha ha ha



I've made a forum thread asking what they like and dislike about traditional art, a lot of people said that is very expensive to buy materials.
The most used materials at traditional art here are copic markers and watercolors, and I agree it's very expensive and difficult to find (in my country)
Here some prices:

Copic Maker box 12 colors - $46,19

Set of 7 brushes - $8,09

Watercolor set (16 colors) - $7,19

In my country I pay a bit more than 2X the prices, because I need to convert Dollars to Reais, including shippings and tax.

A lot of people including me don't have money to buy these materials a lot of times, but also haven't money to buy scanner and a proper tablet, and draw with the mouse is very difficult too!

So I want to show you how to replace some expensive materials for cheaper stuffs and you can discover which materials I use to make my artworks.

1 - Watercolors could be replaced by felt pen, acrylic paint or watercolor pencils.
    For me the best is the acrylic paint, because I don't need a set with 100 colors, I only need some colors, black, cyan, magenta, yellow, beige and especially a very huge tube of white!!! I dilute the colors at water. My paint tubes last very well!
    The second is the watercolor pencils, because is cheaper and you can use it as a normal pencil, or as watercolor. I use my pencils very much, and since when one color pencil (usually black pencil) is too small to use I need to buy a whole pencil box, you'll never be whitout pencils.
    How did I use my watercolor pencils? I use a piece of paper, paint a bit with my desired color and I put water, and I use to dilute even more until reach my desired tone, and I paint normally. You can do the same with the felt pens. I don't use felt pens, but it should be fine.
    Depending of your techniques these materials can replace the copic markers that are so expensive.

2 - Copic makers can be replaced by colored pencils.
    Some colored pencils smudge so easily at your paper, like Steadtler pencils. I use to smudge the color using a brush, I do it softly to don't mess my paper or my brush. Colored pencils are awesome if you don't make a mess in your workspace, and if you don't have patience to wait to ink dry.
After arguing HARD WORK FOR NOTHING OH HOLY SHIT!! by juriTanakaThis drawing was soooooooo hard to make! And it's old too (it's from 2013)
    You can use graphite pencils to paint black areas, and also charcoal. You don't need to buy a willow charcoal if you have a BBQ charcoal bag in your home. One piece is enough I use to apply charcoal with a very harsh brush.
    And now a surprise material, you can use makeup eyeshadow and blush to replace copic makers. If you want to intensify the colors you can apply it with a cotton swab. I made it in this artwork:
The modern and the traditional Japan by juriTanakaAt the blue background and for take out the yellowish at the borders. By the way, you don't need to use an expensive eyeshadow, a cheap brand is fine.

3 - graphite can be replaced by black eyeshadow or charcoal
    The black eyeshadow is more fast to create shadows and is possible to erase any mistake
Kissing the professor by juriTanakaShieko Hates Vocalism by juriTanakaI used a lot of black eyeshadows in these artworks, using with the graphite the effect is pretty good.

4 - Nankin can be replaced by any black ink or black pencil
    Nankin is expensive and difficult to find, but it's only a black ink! Why don't you use your black acrylic paint? The texture can be pretty different, but when is dry, is the same thing, have the same effect. And if you love hard work, your material is the black pencil

5 - Your expensive fine liner pen can be replaced by a ballpoint pen
    A ballpoint pen is soo much cheaper than the fine liner pen. If you, that draw digitally and want to make the lineart this type of pen is nice. I use it in my mangas to draw the panel outlines and the speech bubbles.

6 - You don't need a set of 7 brushes
    A beveled brush is perfect, you can make from fine lines to thick lines, if you have only 3 sizes of this brush is enough to make a lot of things.

7 - You don't need a pallete too
    You only need only a plan surface, like a plate for example. I don't have a pallete too. I improvise using an old plastic cutting board. Believe me it works! I put water in any old pot that I have in my home

8 - don't limit yourself at using the white paper only
    A cool part of the traditional art is that your start point isn't only the white surface, you can draw in black paper, in a bag paper, in your Post It, at a box card, at a recycled paper. You can recycle old things and it's amazing! Some of my artworks that I don't used white paper (some of then I don't submitted at dA)
Chiyo as Lighting Flash by juriTanaka If Oden Kun characters were human? by juriTanaka Untitled by juriTanaka 20120006 by juriTanaka (This last character is professor Natsu)

9 - Use your own materials
Create new techniques and don't feel ashamed or scared to use some different materials. Art has no limits to create. It's wrong think that the traditional art is too limited compared with the digital art. You have unlimited materials to use, don't limit yourself at using only copic makers because is the most used. Don't feel bad if the digital art is 80% of the deviations or if these pieces are 95% of the most popular deviations. If you can draw or paint digitally only traditionally, don't worry, Be pride to be a traditional artist, say to yourself "I'm a traditional artist" and have fun.

That's all. Thanks for read it I hope you enjoyed it. Ja ne!


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I'm Juri Tanaka, but you can call me simply Tanaka
I'm a manga lover
But I'm not a otaku
I usually draw OCs

Find me at

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